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On February 1st the elementary celebrated their 100th day of school, the teachers dressed up like they were 100 years old.

February 1-6
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Conference BBall Boys @ Ponca 5:00 against Walthill

JH BBall vs. Nio/Verd AWAY 2:00

Conference BBall Boys
@ Wakefield 7:45

Conference BBall Girls @ Ponca 7:45 against Bloomfield

Conference BBall Girls Semi Finals @ Ponca 6:00

JH BBall vs. Creighton AWAY 2:00
Boys play at 2:00, girls game follows

Conference BBall Boys Semi Finals @ Wakefield 6:00

Windside Speech Meet 8 am start

B-Early Riser
L- Tater Tot Casserole
B- Pancake on a stick
L- Chicken Fajita
B- A+ Muffin Sandwich
L- Meatball Sub
B- Cinnamon Roll
L- Chicken Nuggets
B- Cereal
L- Corn Dog
February 7-13
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Conference BBall Finals @ Laurel
Girls: 6:00
Boys: 8:00

JH BBall vs. Allen BOYS ONLY 1:30

Cheerleader Parents Night

Red Out

BBall vs. Hartington
Girls: 6:15
Boys: 8:00

JH BBall vs. Osmond AWAY 1:30


Knox County Spelling Bee

BBall vs. Osmond AWAY
Girls JV: 4:00, 2 quarters
Boys JV: follow girls, 2 quarters
Girls: 6:15
Boys: 8:00

Wausa Speech Meet

JH BBall Tournment @ Osmond

B- Cook's Choice
L- Meatball Sub
B- Pizza
L- Chicken Fajita
B- Scrambled Eggs
L- Pizza
B- Burrito
L- Taverns
B- Pop Tart
L- Fish Sticks

Other News and Announcements

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 5: Girls ball conf. game (Ponca)
Feb. 5: JH basketball vs. Creighton (Away)
Feb. 6: Winside Speech Meet
Feb. 6: Boys bball conf. game (Wakefield)
Feb. 8: JH boys only basketball vs. Allen (Away)
Feb. 8: Conference BBall boys and girls (Laurel)
Feb. 9: JH basketball vs. Osmond (Away)
Feb. 9: Basketball vs. Hartington (Home)
Feb. 9: Cheerleader Parents Night/ Red Out
Feb. 11: Knox County Spelling Bee
Feb. 12: Basketball vs. Osmond (Away)
Feb. 13: Wausa Speech Meet
Feb. 13: JH basketball Tourney @ Osmond
Feb. 15: Sub Districts (Ponca)
Feb. 16: JH basketball Hartington Tourney
Feb. 18: JH basketball Hartington Tourney
Feb. 19: Boys basketball vs. Bloomfield (Away)
Feb. 20: Crofton Speech Meet
Feb. 20: JH basketball Hartington Tourney Finals
Feb. 22: Conference Art Show @ WSC
Feb. 27: Conf. Speech @ Wakefield
Feb. 29: No school (PT conferences)

After February 5th there will be no more teacher inservice 2:41 dismissal.

The high school and elementary will be having school on Presidents Day, February 15th.

Girls Basketball Conference Bracket and Boys Basketball Conference Bracket

Wausa Public School collects Box Tops to earn money for our school. Our school Coordinator, Tish Hennings, will collect all the Box Tops and send them in so we can get cash to buy things the school needs. A single Box Top is worth $.10 for our school. Bring your Box Tops to school today and help our school! Click here for more information.

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To fill out the Food Allergy Action Plan, click here.

PARENTS: To learn more about concussions, click this link. Then click on resources.

Be sure to check out our School Improvement page to see what is happening academically at Wausa.

Visit the Board of Education page for updates from Mr. Marks.