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Wausa Q-125


The Wausa Track Team kicks off the season Monday, March 2nd.

March 2 - March 7
Wednesday Thursday

  • Parent Teacher conferences
  • No school K-8
  • 2:00 dismissal 9-12
  • FFA District CDE
  • Read Across America

  • End of 3rd quarter
  • Creighton Speech Invite

B - Tornado
L - Cook's Choice

B- Breakfast Bar
L - Nachos

B - Scrambeled Eggs
L- Chicken Alfredo

B - Pretzel
L - Macaroni & Cheese

B - Long John
L - Fish Sandwich


Other News and Announcements

Reminder: Parent teacher conferences are on Monday, March 2nd. K-8: 8am-8pm. 9-12: 2:30-8:00pm.

To view the FBLA red-out entertainment show, click here.

Read Across America Day is March 5th. For more information, click here.

To view the preschool inquiry, click here.

There will be an all member Track meeting right after school Monday, March 2nd for all of those who are going out for track and practice to follow.

Check out our new town website! Visit

The Journalism class has posted both a new years and a speech video for the 2014-15 school year. To view the new year video, click here.To view the speeh video, click here.

To fill out the Food Allergy Action Plan, click here.

The following link is for the new website for the 5-School Feasibility Study: Please check this site for any information regarding this study.

PARENTS: To learn more about concussions, click this link. Then click on resources.

Be sure to check out our School Improvement page to see what is happening academically at Wausa.

Visit the Board of Education page for updates from Mr. Marks.