Mrs. Eddie
K-12 Art Instructor
Hometown: Wisner
College: Wayne State College
Major: Elementary Edu., Special Edu., and Art Edu.


The Knox County Art Show was held on October 25th. The winners are back row left to right, Alex, Austin G., Elias, Tabthia, Regan, Emily, Alexis, Ciera, and Morgan A.
The winners of The Lewis and Clark Conference Art Show are back row left to right, Rachel, Morgan, Gracie, Aaron, Alex, Tabitha, Alexis, Kristine, Shawn, Michaela, Ciera, Regan, Emily, Blake, Brice, Tara, Elias, Elena, Austin.

The winners in Junior High are Jade, Jonah, Katie, Ethan, Will, Cory, DJ, Brooke, Garrett.

Annual Staff

Back Row (L-R): Eli, Shawn, Clare, Amy, Ciera, Alexis, Austin B., James, Jacoub
Front Row (L-R): Ben, Kasey, Ashton, Tyler, Blake, Brice, Austin G.