Board Of Education

Wausa Board of Education Members, Offices, Committees

Board Members: Mark Dawson, Mike Kumm, Terry Nelson,
Daniel Story, Brian Wakeley, Otto Woockman

President of the Board: Mike Kumm
Vice-President of the Board: Brian Wakeley
Secretary of the Board: Terry Nelson
Treasurer of the Board: Nancy Erickson

Committees of the Board of Education:

Board Governance & Policy, Handbooks, Calendar, Future Planning

Terry Nelson, Daniel Story, Otto Woockman

  • Meet with administrators/WEA Leadership Committee to review recommendations for Student/Parent handbooks.
  • Serves with the Board President as a watchdog on strategic planning accountability.
  • Works with the Superintendent to create Master Calendar, Board and Strategic planning calendar.
  • Host parent/community meeting to review handbooks and give input on recommended changes
  • Review current board policies to make sure policies are up to date and effective

    Americanism, Curriculum, Instruction, & Technology

Mike Kumm, Otto Woockman, Daniel Story

  • Ensure that all students and staff are equipped with technology and technology professional development to meet the needs of 21st century learning
  • Ensure equity/fairness and an equal opportunity for an education to all families/students residing in the district
  • Review curriculum offerings, develop, implement, and maintain a textbook/curriculum review cycle.
  • Review current career awareness programs and develop a plan to expand career exploration.

    Budget & Finance, Negotiations, Personnel

Mark Dawson, Terry Nelson, Brian Wakeley

  • Host budget and finance meetings/workshops to help the community understand school finance, property taxes, federal and state programs, etc…
  • Develop budget and finance summary reports to support board member understanding of current budget information (expenditure and revenue patterns, budget mechanics, year/year comparisons, etc…)
  • Develop a plan for staff recruitment, development, and retention
  • Review early retirement program options to manage staff turnover and program consistency.

    Building and Grounds, Transportation

Brian Wakeley, Mark Dawson, Mike Kumm

  • Develop, implement, and evaluate a building and grounds maintenance plan and update cycle
  • Ensure that the building and grounds and vehicles are welcoming, safe & secure, and meet the needs of 21st century teaching and learning.
  • Develop and implement a vehicle maintenance and replacement plan


Wausa School Board Meetings

Agenda and Board Minutes

E-Meeting Link

Superintendent Contract Addendum 2017-18

Board of Education Working Calendar

Negotiated Agreement

District Report Card 2016
District Report Card 2015

Wausa Public Schools Strategic Plan

Wausa Public Schools Board Policies and Procedures

Curriculum Study Cycle for Wausa

Strategic Planning Grand Design

Transportation/Vehicle Rotation Program

Wausa Custodial Large Equipment Inventory

Mission/Vision Statement

We believe that all the youth of this community should be given an equal opportunity for a general education that will help them to become good citizens for democratic living.
We believe our school should provide an educational environment that will assist all students to fulfill their needs, interests, and abilities so that they may develop to their maximum capabilities.
We believe that it is as important to learn to live a full and complete life as it is to learn to be self-sufficient.
Therefore, the total development of each individual to his/her highest potential is the primary concern of the Wausa School System.

Child Find Notice
Children With Disabilities

The Board of Education, Wausa Public Schools, District 54-0576, wishes to reaffirm its position that all children ages 0-21 in the Wausa School District regardless of their disability are entitled to a Free Appropriate Public Education and an equal opportunity for education according to the individual's needs. The board assumes the responsibility to assure that children with disabilities are identified, evaluated, and verified, and is provided or contracted for program services for all resident children with disabilities who benefit from such programs. If you have a child or know of a child that may require special education services please contact Robert Marks at 402-586-2255. ext. 403