Mrs. Friedrich
Dawn Friedrich
Hometown: Bloomfield, NE
College: USD & Wayne State
Major: Business





State Leadership Conference

Students who attended the State Leadersip Conference are the following: Thea, Claire, Krissy, Sam, Mary Tori, Tara, Brianna, Jessah, Rega, Austin, Nick, Jordan, Luc, Brice, Kyle, Ryan, and Aidan.
Award winners from SLC include: Regan and Sam (Honorable Mention--Digital Video Production); Sam (Honorable Mention--Business Communations and Job Interview); Sam, Tori, and Claire (2nd Place Business Presentation); Claire (5th Place Public Speaking II); Jordan (3rd Place Accounting II and Spreadsheet Applications); Nick (Honorable Mention--Spreadsheet Applications, Personal Finance, and Business Procedures); Brianna (Honorable Mention--Business Procedures and Securites and Investments); Austin and Tori (Honorable Mention--Public Service Announcement); Mary and Jessah (1st Place Desktop Publishing); Jessah (Honorable Mention--Digital Design and Promotion); Tara and Kyle (Honorable Mention--Website Design); Luc (Honorable Mention--Keyboarding Knowledge). Chapter Award--1st Place Market Share.
NLC Qualifiers are: Jessah, Mary, Tori, Claire, Sam, Jordan

Wausa FBLA Chapter

Chapter Picture
Back Row (L-R): Austin B., Trenton S., Aaron G., Kasey E., Kainen H.,
Sixth Row: Ashby N., Collin C., John R., Alex K., Megan K., Alexis E., Thea M., Sam R., Alli B.,
Fifth Row: Carissa M., Gaige H., Ciera G., Kara S., Kayla K., Claire W., Shawn B., Hannah N., Regan H., Michaela T.,
Fourth Row: Kolton A., Luc B., Mary J., Leah R., Travis G., Tyler S., Darren N., Austin G.,
Third Row: Cory G., Eli R., Aidan K., Brice B., Ryan K., Blake B., Ashton H.,
Second Row: Chantille S., Veronica R., Christian W., Kyle K., Jessah M., Brianna V.,
Front Row: Tori C., Tara M., Sam H., Jordan B., Claire V., Nick S., Krissy K.

To find information regarding campaining for an office, please click on the pdf link given: campaigninformation.pdf

Color Day
Professional Dress Day With Speakers
Guest speakers
(L-R): Allison Cunningham, Dillon Cunningham, Jamie Clausen, Kelly Clausen
Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Winner
Red Out
Red Out Group Picture
Red Out Participants:
Top Row(L-R): Alexis, Megan, Kainen, Trenton, Christian, Hannah, Carisa, Veronica, Chantille, Austin B
4th Row (L-R): Kolton, Jessah, Blake, Tara, Tori, Ashton, Ciera, Mary, Dawson, Destiny, Skyles, Daniel, Luc
3rd Row (L-R): Stephanie, Isabelle, Kaitlyn K, Nick, Travis, Kayla, Kara, Leah, Krissy, Claire W
2nd Row (L-R): Melanie, Sam H, Claire V, Shawn
Bottom Row (L-R): Isabel V, Sam R, Brianna, Alli

Red Out Winner
Dawson (red out winner)
Fall Leadership Conference New Members
For more information on how the conference went, click here.

Officers include:
Claire (Secretary), Jordan (President), Tara (Treasurer), Tori (Historian),
Sam H. (Vice President), Nick (Parliamentarian), and Krissy (Reporter)

New Members

New Wausa FBLA Members:
Back Row (L-R): Ashby, Austin, Trenton, Aaron
Middle Row: Collin, John, Alex, Megan, Alexis
Front Row: Kainen, Eli, Chantille, Leah, Thea, Sam, Allison

Connect With Business

Students Attending the Community Club:

Seniors Juniors Sophomores

Tori C Tara M Luc B
Austin H   Regan H
Sam H  
Kyle K
Jessah M
Brianna V


2014-2015 FBLA Committees


Volleyball Game Fundraiser:
September 18

Austin H. Kyle
Travis Austin G.


Football Fundraiser
October 17

Blake Ciera
Ashton Kara
Kayla Regan
Hannah Shawn
Alli Thea

Halloween Committee:
Week of October 27

Brianna Christian
Kyle Cory
Austin G. Eli
Kainen Brice
Ryan Aidan
Ciera Tyler
John Collin


Chapter Party:

Cory Ryan
Brice Aidan
Blake Jessah
Aaron Christian
Michaela Carissa


Christmas Light Contest with Community Club Meeting:

Kyle Christian
Brianna Travis



Basketball Fundraising
January 16

Veronica Jessah
Darren Blake
Ashton Ciera
Kasey Aaron



FBLA Week:
Week of February 9

Jessah Christian
Veronica Austin G.
Darren Kainen
Brice Ryan
Aidan Cory
Mary Ciera
Kara Kayla
Luc Regan
Shawn Alli
Carisa Michaela
Dawson Gaige
Alexis Thea
Alex Chantille
John Collin

Go Green
Jessah Kainen
Ciera Ashton
Mary Kasey
Dawson Gaige



Feed Nebraska
Brianna Eli
Travis Darren
Tyler Shawn
Kasey Carisa
Michaela Jessah
March of Dimes
Veronica Brice
Ryan Kolton
Aidan Luc
Mary Alli
Jessah Alexis
Sam Chantille
Summer Events