Mrs. Friedrich
Dawn Friedrich
Hometown: Bloomfield, NE
College: USD & Wayne State
Major: Business





FBLA 2016-2017
New Members/Officers
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FBLA Officers and Induction Ceremony
2016-2017 FBLA Officers
BR (L-R): Mary (Historian), Hannah (Secretary), Luc (Parlimentarian), Reagan (President), Thea (Vice President)
FR (L-R): Allison (Treasurer), Krissy (Reporter)
2016-2017 FBLA Officers
(L-R): Thea, Hannah, Krissy, Luc, Allison, Mary, Reagan
Fall Leadership Conference
Wausa FBLA officers presented a seminar titled "Do You Have What It Takes?" Their seminar focused on the all-state quality member award.
FBLA Members
Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Shawn Allison B. Morgan Stephany
Luc Austin Siera Ethan
Ciera Carli Gracie Derek
Gaige Alexis Destiny Will
Regan Aaron Ghatlin McKayla
Mary Alex Elizabeth Hannah H.
Kayla Megan Ruth Skyles
Krissy Clare Tyson Gabe
Carisa Tom Drew Kaitlyn
Hannah N. Thea Paige Taylor
Kara Ashby Daniel Ainsley
Michaela T. Sam   Esther
Dawson W. John   Breanna
Claire Trenton   Sage
      Dawson T.
2016 FBLA Labor Day BBQ


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Super Sweeps

Committe Members are:
Claire W.

  Super Sweeps Blue Gold Day. The seniors were the winners with the most students dressed in blue.
Back Row (L-R): Cody, Alison, Shawn, Ciera, Mary, Carisa, Regan, Hannah, Claire
Front Row (L-R): James, Emily, Michaela, Gaige, Kayla, Kara


Christmas letters to Santa
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Go Green Week

2016-2017 FBLA Committees

Football Clean Up (Sept. 23)
Cirea Carisa
Sam Destiny
Liz Ruth
Clare L. Paige
Siera Gracie
Hannah H. Ann W.
Ainsley Shelby

FBLA Food Stand (Oct. 8)
John Mckayla H.
Thea Luc
Esther Hannah H.
Volleyball Cleanup (Oct. 13)
Kayla Gaige
John Aaron
Ashby Trenton
Tyson Ghatlin
Derek Taylor
Dawson Will
Drew Daniel
Hannah N. Skyles
Feed Nebraska (Halloween)
Shawn Clare L.
Tyson Drew
Ghatlin John
Ethan Isabelle
Kaitlyn K. Taylor
Will Dawson T.
Jailynn Esther
Career Day (Nov.)
Gaige Dawson W.
John Aaron
Daniel Elizabeth
Ruth Paige
Destiny Siera B.
Non-Stop November (Dec. 10)
Paige Siera B.
Hannah H. Ann
Santa Letter (Dec.)
Claire W. Kayla K.
Ciera G. Kara
Shawn Alexis
Megan Jersey
Ainsley Shelby
Mckayla H. Stephany
Basketball Dash for Cash ( Jan. 13, 2017)
Claire W. Ciera G.
Carisa Kara
Ashby Clare L.
Gracie Hannah H.
Ann Morgan
FBLA Week Committee (Feb.)
Claire W. Micheala T.
Gaige Dawson W.
Shawn Carisa
John Clare L.
Sam Trenton
Ruth Destiny
Ghatlin Tyson
Drew Ethan
CTE Month Committee (Feb.)
Ruth Kaitlyn K.
Taylor Isabelle
Melanie Dawson T.
Derek Will
Jonah Jailynn
Action Awareness Committee (Mar. 1)
Tyson Ghatlin
Drew Ethan
Taylor Skyles
Jonah Jailynn
Esther Jersey
Diamond Chapter (Mar. 1)
Destiny Ruth
Paige Elizabeth
Siera B. Esther
Connect With Buisness
Elizabeth Destiny
Ruth Paige
Siera B. Derek
Michaela T. Melanie
Isabelle Stephany
Kaitlyn K.  
Blood Drive
Ciera G. Kayla
Alexis Ashby
Megan Stephany
Aaron Daniel

Purple Out
March of Dimes
Kara Ciera G.
Alexis Clare L.
Go Green
Tom Alex
Taylor Ruth
Ethan Destiny
John Ghatlin
Tyson Drew
Trenton Derek
Step Up 2 Tech
Michaela Isabelle
Morgan Jersey
Melanie McKayla


FBLA NLC Fundraisers

Car Wash (9:00- 4:00) Lunch (11:00-1:00)
9-11 11-1 1-4  


Sr. Citizen Breakfast and Bake Sale (8:30-10:30)