Homecoming Sponsors

Mrs. Clausen
Hometown: Osmond
College: Morningside
Major: Elementary Education

Mr. Kirby
Hometown: Plainview
College: UNL
Major: Secondary Education-Math

September 15, 7:00 pm
Wausa vs. Fullerton

Back Row (L-R): Brooke, Ruth, Tyson, Aaron, Tom, Alex, Taylor, Isabelle, Steele
Front Row (L-R):Kingsley, Thea, John, Clare, Carli, Alli, Crue

Sept. 11 Sept. 12 Sept. 13 Sept. 14 Sept. 15
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
America Day
(Red, White, and Blue)
Opposite Gender Day Colors By Class
JH- Blue
Freshmen- Green
Sophomores- Red
Juniors- Black
Seniors- White

High School Sterio Type Day (Jocks, Drama, Nerd, Cheerleaders)

Color Day:
(Purple and Gold).

Freshmen Day 1- America Day

(L-R): Garrett, and Cory.

Sophomores Day 1- America Day

Back Row (L-R): Jonah, Breanna, McKayla, Shelby, Esther, and Isabelle.
Front Row (L-R): Taylor K., and Derek

Juniors Day 1- America Day

(L-R): Tyson, Elizabeth, and Gracie.

Seniors Day 1- America Day

(L-R): Tom, Trenton, Megan, Clare, Alex, John, Austin, and Asbhy.

Homecoming Royalty 2017

Crown Bearers: Kingsley, Crue
Freshmen Attendants: Brooke, Steele
Sophomore Attendants: Isabelle, Taylor
Junior Attendants: Ruth, Tyson
Queen Candidates: Carli, Clare, Thea
King Candidates: Alex, John, Tom
Masters of Ceremonies: Allison, Aaron