Cross Country


Bloomfield/Wausa Cross Country Team

Congratulations to Ann for getting 7th for the Cross Country Districts. The state Cross Country meet will be held at the
Kearney Country Club on October 21 at noon.

2016 Schedule
Meet Time
Leave Bloomfield
9/1/16 Niobrara/Verdigre - - Ann- 8th
9/8/16 Hartington - - Ann- 7th
9/16/16 O'Neill - - Ann- 15th
9/25/16 Crofton - - Ann- 9th
9/30/16 West Holt - - Ann- 11th
CONFERENCE: 10/7/16 Rolling Hills CC - - Ann- 4th
DISTRICT: 10/13/16 TBA - - Ann- 7th

Practices will alternate between Wausa and Bloomfield by week as indicated by the schedule.
Transportation to Bloomfield for Wausa students will be provided. No students will be driving.
Mr. Wilken will be driving the Bloomfield 10 passenger van to all meets for all runners.