Courtney Clausen

Favorite Genre: 80's Rock

Favorite Pep Band Song: Land Of a Thousand Dances

Instrument: Mainly Trumpet but talented at many others




















High School Band
Lions Day Parade is in Norfolk Saturday, Sept. 27th. HS band students start at 10:00 am downtown.
Dinner Theatre date has been moved to May 16th.
Band 2014-15
Back: Alyssa, Sam R, Michaela, Thea, Megan, Darren, Tyler, Hannah, Claire W, Kara
Middle: Luc, Jordan, Brice, Rachel, Claire V, Mary, Alex, Collin, Aaron, Kayla
Front: Ashby, Elena, Tara, Christian, Sam H, Blake, Tori, John, Krissy, Shawn, Regan

Conference Band
Conference band 2015
Back: Tyler, Darren, Jordan, Collin
Front: Sam, Regan, Rachel, Kara
Not pictured: Michaela
The students will be leaving for the Conference Honor Band at Wayne State College on Saturday, January 24. The concert is at 4:30 in the Ramsey Theatre.
Senior Band Spotlights


Favorite Genre: Rap
Favorite Genre: Pop/Punk
Favorite Genre: Punk
Favorite Genre: Pop/Country
Favorite Pep Band Song: Wipe out

Favorite Pep Band Song: The easy ones
Favorite Pep Band Song: None really, the drums play the same thing for every song.
Favorite Pep Band Song: Paint it black
Instrument: Drums
Instrument: Trumbone
Instrument: Drums
Instrument: Saxophone

Favorite Genre: Country
Favorite Genre: Jazz
Favorite Genre: Country
Favorite Pep Band Song: Tequila
Favorite Pep Band Song: Tequila
Favorite Pep Band Song: Anything
Instrument: Clarinet
Instrument: Trumbone
Instrument: Flute

Junior High Band

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