Courtney Clausen

Favorite Genre: 80's Rock

Favorite Pep Band Song: Land Of a Thousand Dances

Instrument: Mainly Trumpet but talented at many others





















High School Band

Back Row (L-R): Paige, Shawn, Kara, Krissy, Elizabeth, Ashby
Back Middle Row (L-R): Claire W., Kayla, Samm, Alli, Blake, Brice, Luc
Front Row (L-R): Tyler, Thea, Ruth, Michaela, Destiny, Megan, Mary
Front Row (L-R): Ghatlin, Drew, Daniel, Johnny, Claire V., Tyson, Elena, Tara
Senior Band Spotlights


Favorite Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap
Favorite Genre: Pretty much everything
Favorite Genre: Country/Pop
Favorite Genre: Country
Favorite Pep Band Song: Tusk

Favorite Pep Band Song: Tequila and Wipeout
Favorite Pep Band Song: Magnificent 7
Favorite Pep Band Song: Tusk
Instrument: Drums
Instrument: Drums
Instrument: Saxophone
Instrument: Trumpet

Favorite Genre: Old Country
Favorite Genre: Dubstep
Favorite Genre: Pop
Favorite Pep Band Song: Gonna Fly Now
Favorite Pep Band Song: Paint It Black
Favorite Pep Band Song: The Force
Instrument: Clarinet
Instrument: Trombone
Instrument: Clarinet

Lions Day Parade
Q 125 Parade

Junior High Band

Back Row (L-R): Kaitlyn, Dawson, Derek, Ethan, Jonah, Taylor, Skyles, Will, Sage, Carson, Cory, Wyatt, Brooke, Charlie
Middle Row (L-R): McKayla, Ainsley, Jaide, Isabelle, Steel, David
Front Row (L-R): Esther, Hannah, Ann, Katlyn, Melanie, Jailynn
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