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Dawn Friedrich, Patricia Marks, Brad Hoesing
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Brad Hoesing & Tish Hennings
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Tanya McFarland: MAPS
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Patricia Marks, Shelby Wiebelhaus, and Lynn Bloomquist
Kyle Stevens and Brandon Kirby
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The Student and Parent surveys are a collection of questions set in the previous School Improvement cycle. For fidelity in comparison of data, the questions are the same from year to year. Wausa used SurveyMonkey survey engine to promote and distribute both the student as well as the parent surveys.

This perceptual data is used by both our School Improvement team as well as our RtI committees to make decisions regarding curriculum, technology, activities (both high school and elementary) as well as keeping in touch with both student and parent perceptions at Wausa Public Schools. For more information on these surveys please contact Brad Hoesing, Principal.
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Improving Learning For Children with Disablities (ILCD)